scif on the hill cover photo

We know what you’re thinking – why Bexhill? Well, if there’s one place close to our hearts, it’s ‘The Hill’. Not only do we have the resources and crew to put this event on, we have the passion within the community to pull it off and if there’s one thing we do best, it’s making things work in the most unexpected of places.

SCI-FI ON THE HILL (You’ll get used to the name) is set to be a one-day family fun filled extravaganza of movies, science fiction, comic books, life size props, attractions and cosplay! We’ll even have some special guests for you to meet!

At the moment we’re just working on securing the perfect venue, so not too far in the future we’ll be bringing you some exciting plans for the event. In the meantime, feel free to share the page all over because with your support, Sci-Fi on the Hill could be one of Bexhill’s most exciting and enduring events!

If Bexhill is the town where life supposedly begins at 100, then Sci-Fi on the Hill is where life begins! See, your used to the name already!