Alliance is far from being a one-man show and for a number of years was entirely run as not-for-profit to get to where we are now. The company is entirely people-focused and thrives on working with those who step up to the plate and want to come on the Alliance adventure. Together we are fearless in the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire!!

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Over Sixty volunteers have crewed past events and most are still with us to this day on their shows. We are always on the look out for volunteer crew members and also exceptionally passionate individuals to find their place within the Alliance. At the start of 2018 we are also bringing in a Development, Content & Comics Liason to the fold!

We do not have any employment opportunities, we look to our volunteer crew for those who have the desire to come on the journey with us. If you’re not passionate, you’re wasting your time.

Be shocking. Be daring. Be bold. Be passionate. Be equal.