Marc Outbreak at Island Con

marc outbreak promo island conOur penultimate Island Con Indie guest is MARC OUTBREAK.

Marc has dedicated a huge amount of time in producing, directing and editing a number of films under his own ‘ILL-ADVISED FILMS’, some with our previously announced guest Mark Sears!

His indie film list includes the up and coming “Adrenaline Rush”, “Mister Morbid 1 & 2”, “The Living Dead Chronicles” & “Beyond The Apocalypse” along with the collaboration of other companies to create the films “Manhunt: Follow the White Rabbit”, “The Return of Black Shadow” and “The Right Gun”.

This is along with Amazon Prime’s “The Matt Preston Files: Episode 1” which he also acted in as both the comic relief ghost character and main villain the demon – a role shared with his ill-advised partner in crime, Mark Sears.

Sears is portraying The Wolverine in his latest project “Back to weapon X” a Wolverine Vs Deadpool fan-film that stars Marc as Deadpool. He has also played Deadpool in the Spider-man fanfilm “Another World” and we’re sure it won’t be the last appearance as the merc with the mouth.

We also hear that Marc Outbreak and Mark Sears perform their own stunts so if you want to see Wolverine & Deadpool go at it then get yourself to Island Con in October!

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