James Hamer-Morton will be at Island Con

james hamer morton island conOur final addition to the Island Con Indie line up is independent film-maker JAMES HAMER-MORTON.

James is the voice behind Stitch from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch and is a master of a multitude of voices and accents.

He is perhaps best known for his lead role as Peltzer Arbuckle in ‘My Bloody Banjo’, the cult horror comedy about a phallic accident. (!).

His other credits include Allan, the lead in ‘Dead Love’ and Dr Lewis in ‘The Fitzroy’. He is also a founding member of ‘Chuckle Duster’, an improvised comedy troupe that performs in Shoreditch and has fans worldwide, thanks to its online presence.

His comedy side spawned the feature comedy documentary ‘Bid For My Life’, a social experiment where James auctioned off days of his life online to be controlled by buyers.

James is also an up-and-coming director and we’re thrilled that he will be completing our Island Con indie line up.


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