Clive Burrows returns to Island Con!

clive burrows island con
CLIVE BURROWS returns to his home convention this year!
From Clive: “Primarily I am an artist and work mostly using Acrylics on canvas covering a wide variety of subjects. For a while, back in the late 90s I belonged to the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) which included such illustrious names as David Harvey and Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean.
Being a big Star Wars fan, the majority of my work now is based on the Star Wars universe. However, I have always been interested in comic book art since the late 1960s when my brother, himself a Marvel Comic reader at that time, made up his own cartoons.
Over the last 6 years I have been developing my own cartoon style, and encouraged by my wife, I have created my own superhero; Weed Whacker Woman.
With the help of her side-kicks; Waistie the cat and Daisy the dog, our slightly OCD heroine aims to clean up her neighbours gardens in the dead of night when all good people should be asleep. The problem is that she ends up coming across werewolves, aliens and giant insects that she has to fight in order to save the universe one garden at a time.
I had great success at IW Comic Con last year and hope to do as well this year.”

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