IW Garrison return to Island Con with a bang!

ISLAND CON is proud to announce that our new larger STAR WARS ZONE (!) will be hosted by the 501st Legion’s THE IW GARRISON!
The Isle of Wight Garrison will be appearing at the event this year on a bigger scale than last year with dozens of characters from the Star War franchise to meet and greet. Plus there will also be an additional static display and every costume on showcase, is made to precise detailed movie standards.
star wars i-zone promo
The ISLE OF WIGHT PROP CREW will also be providing a full sized display of authentically reproduced props including Lukes Skywalker’s Landspeeder and a Pod Racer inspired from the Phantom Menace, both of these will be enclosed by a large set based on the desert world of tatooine.
NEW FOR 2018!!!! Members of the IWG will be presenting make-up demonstrations on how some of the most infamous villains are created. Plus a few of our renowned costume builders will be displaying the techniques on how the army of Stormtroopers were made for Star Wars.
BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… A SECRET large prop project is currently under way right now! This will be disclosed and shown on a brand new set EXCLUSIVELY at Island Con this year.
Members of the UK Garrison have also been invited to attend so this is set to be a very large gathering indeed. If Star Wars isn’t your thing, there will be many other screen icons appearing from various popular franchises to suit your taste.
The team in the STAR WARS ZONE will be available to talk about anything related to Star Wars. Or just pop over and have a photo taken with one of your favourite heroes and villains.
Please note that the events in the Star Wars Zone are subject to change depending on availability of performers and scheduling.
Please see Isle of Wight Garrison or http://www.iwgarrison.co.uk to find out more.
The guys and girls of the IW Garrison and Isle of Wight Prop Crew travel all over the country and the EU bringing joy to many families, fans and children. They do this because of their love of the franchise and events like this.
Island Con is the IW Garrison’s local event, this is their platform and their event to show off their passion for what they do and now they have an entire Star Wars Zone, we all should all be pretty excited about this!!
We’re proud and thrilled that the IW Garrison have dedicated so much time to the promotion of the event and we hope that you too can show your support to them this October 2018!

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