Warhammer confirmed for Island Con Gaming Zone!

Warhammer promo
WARHAMMER of Isle of Wight return to the convention this year with a larger space in the Gaming Zone! 😁😍
This year the crew from Warhammer will be running introductory sessions for painting & playing games of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar.
Guests can learn tips whilst painting their first miniature which they will then use to try & survive the undead hordes of Shyish as they show you how to play the tabletop game!
From the crew at Warhammer Isle of Wight:
“For experienced hobbyists we will be running a speed painting competition throughout the weekend. Participants will have 10 minutes to paint a miniature, with the best painted being voted on via social media & announced later in the week.”
“Finally we will be on hand to answer any other questions, offer tips & advice or just to chat about the hobby in general. These are all drop in sessions, and are free to join in.”
Follow Warhammer here:

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