MMPR prices up for Super Power Con

In the 25th Anniversary year of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, we’re thrilled to have so many people associated with that show.

Power Ranger MMPR block pic

We’ve worked hard to keep the MMPR guest prices as low as possible and we hope you can all agree that these are pretty decent prices for MMPR guests in their anniversary year and some for their first time in the UK!!



Austin St. John – 35/40
Walter Jones – 30/40
Karan Ashley – 30/40
David J. Fielding – 25/40
Audri Dubois – 25/40
Glenn McMillan – 20/25
Jorgito Vargas Jr. – 20/25
Barbara Goodson – 20/25
Adam Tuominen – 20/25
Katrina Devine – 15/20
Katrina Browne – 15/20

Coming up – we have some pretty awesome listings to add, some attractions and more guests in due course. Lots of time to drop things in 😀😉

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