Stephen Baskerville confirmed for Island Con 2018!

stephen baskerville island con.jpg
STEPHEN BASKERVILLE will be joining his fellow MARVEL UK peers at Island Con 2018 and he makes for an awesome addition to our ever-expanding comic book roster!
Stephen’s comics career began in the early 1980’s, writing and drawing strips for the CB radio-themed 10-4 ACTION. But it was at Marvel UK where, in addition to drawing covers for THUNDERCATS, REAL GHOSTBUSTERS and TRANSFORMERS, he found his true calling as an ink artist.
He worked with pencillers on the interior art for those aforementioned titles, along with SLEEZE BROTHERS, DOCTOR WHO, THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE and many more.
Stephen’s work as an inker has since appeared in many Marvel US comics, including WEB OF SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN 2099, TRANSFORMERS, THE BLACK CAT, CAPTAIN PLANET and GI JOE, and in several DC comics, including JLA, GREEN LANTERN and HITCH-HIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, as well as 2000AD and the JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE.
His current inking work is mostly for IDW comics working on TRANSFORMERS titles, including the DRIFT: EMPIRE OF STONE series.
He also draws strips for several English Football League clubs, including SOUTHAMPTON, NEWCASTLE UNITED, ASTON VILLA and SUNDERLAND.
And several creator-owned projects, written and drawn by Stephen, have appeared in David Lloyd’s digital anthology ACES WEEKLY and Mark Millar’s CLiNT magazine.
Stephen is also a videogame concept artist, producing storyboards, character designs and environment art for many published games, including RESERVOIR DOGS, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS:CREATURE FROM THE CRUSTY CRAB, BARBIE: WILD HORSE RESCUE and DOCTOR WHO: EVACUATION EARTH.

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