Thundercat’s and Action Force’s Martin Griffiths to guest at Island Con!

martin Griffiths promo
The amazing MARTIN GRIFFITHS is our next comic book guest at Island Con and if you know your comics then you’ve seen his work probably many times before!
BIO: Martin Griffiths has been a professional artist since 1986. Beginning his freelance career with Marvel UK, on titles including, Transformers, Thundercats, Ghost Busters, Action Force and Doctor Who.
In the early nineties Marvel UK, began producing comics for the American market where he contributed to titles including Knights of Pendragon, Deaths Head, Killpower, New Titans, Fate, What if, Marvel Comics Presents and many more. This led to working with other companies and producing strips for 2000 AD, London Editions and many more. Also a one year contract for the Daily Mirror newspaper producing art for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles daily strip.
Ten year run on Panini’s Action Man comic. Also producing around 20 Dvd cover illustrations for Marvels re-released cartoon series, including X-men, Spider-man and the Silver Surfer. He also produced the artwork for the graphic novel Bad kids go to Hell 2, and completed the first issue of The 4th Wall comic.
Currently working on a new graphic novel called, Jack the Ripper. Outside of comics Martin, produces storyboards for advertising and has worked on brands such as Guinness, Lego Batman, Meerkats and Snickers to name but a few!

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