Sight for Wight to be at Island Con 2018

sight for wight promo
SIGHT FOR WIGHT will have an informational and promotional booth at the show. We are limited in the amount of charities we can include in the show and are proud to be giving SFW a platform at the show. Support them all you can!
From the team: Sight for Wight is the new working title for ‘Isle of Wight Society for the Blind’. This is the result of a recent user survey where the majority of participants were in favour of updating the name and logo to broaden the appeal of the charity and to reflect the 21st rather than the 19th century, when the charity was first established.
Whilst we are proud of the origins and heritage of the charity, founded in 1895, it is important to ensure that the widest group of Islanders who might benefit from the charity know that we are here for them.  There are thousands of people on the Island who are sight impaired and might benefit from the support and services we offer, but who are not registered blind and might therefore imagine they cannot turn to us for information, help or support. 
Especially for those more recently diagnosed with a sight loss condition, we had become increasingly aware that the charity name ‘Isle of Wight Society for the Blind’ might have been off-putting.
We offer support, information and activities to help visually impaired people and their families. Our aim is to help maintain independence, learn new skills, and participate in social, physical and educational activities, reducing loneliness and isolation along the way.
If you would like to find out more about our services then please visit:

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