PSL is implemented at Alliance

We get a lot of interest, calls and solicitations from talent and artist agencies, individual representatives and attraction providers, whilst we appreciate the interest you have in supporting our business, we cannot keep in touch with all of you.

We now have a preferred supplier list for the provision of services and we will not accept unsolicited approaches from suppliers not currently on our PSL.

Continued unsolicited approaches will affect our decision to consider your interest in working with Alliance Conventions and any of our partners, Future Gothic Entertainment, Kiss Vintage, Klacky, CyberXtasy and others in the future.

If you are looking to supply guests, attractions or services to any Alliance event please be aware of this PSL protocol. To apply to be on the list you can supply details via the contact page once only for consideration.

There are many hurdles and restrictions when trying to secure services in an ever-changing landscape. Having a service PSL to help secure the very best professionals can help to ensure that our company is managed more effectively.

For businesses like us looking to secure our future, having an efficiently managed partnership process is an essential part of our strategy.

PSL list permanent page link.

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