HeidiMaeTrix confirmed to guest at Island Con 2018!

heidi mae trix island con promo 2
You might recognise Heidi’s ‘PENNYQUINN’ as it went viral in 2017! We will be running photo ops with HeidiMaeTrix in full PENNYQUINN COSPLAY! 😮😁
HeidiMaetrix is a YouTuber and cosplayer from the U.S. She has over 20,000 subscribers with over 4.8 million views on her YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/HeidiMaeCupcakes/videos – where she makes cosplay music video parodies of hit songs with her brother and sister.
In addition, she has over 20,000 fans on Facebook and 200,000 followers on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/heidimaetrix/
In 2016 Heidi (and her brother, Joseph) were chosen for DC COMICS official THE SQUAD UP! SUICIDE SQUAD COSPLAY CONTEST where the best Suicide Squad-inspired costumes received an all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego Comic Con, where they took part in a range of Suicide Squad activities throughout the weekend with the cast.
Her most popular cosplay of PennyQuinn (a mashup of Pennywise and Harley Quinn) went viral, spawning memes, Reddit threads, and uncountable shares across all social media platforms.
And did we mention photo ops with HeidiMaeTrix in FULL PENNYQUINN COSPLAY!? 🤗😮
HeidiMaeTrix will also be streaming LIVE from Island Con 2018 to an international audience. 😀😀

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