VIDEO OPS in a world-first at Island Con 2018

We’re thrilled to be welcoming you to another ISLAND CON INITIATIVE!! Bringing guest-fan experiences up to date with VIDEO OPS!!
Fed up of feeling you haven’t got everything you wanted from a guest at a comic con event? Want to spend more quality time with your favourite guest that can be re-watched, shared and remembered forever? Want to take more time with a guest? Ever wanted to speak your favourite line from a film with the actor from that film!!!? Then our game-changing VIDEO OPS are for you.
Alongside the time-tested Autographs and Photo Shoots we wish to introduce personalised video messages and professional VIDEO OPS.
Now this is very new thing and we understand a first for conventions so not all guests have opted in but some have! We’ve worked through the process a hundred times over and have the facilities, organisation and professional videographers and editors in place to make this happen and it will happen so again it’s time to spread the word, this is an amazing initiative and a great option for some fans.
When our store site goes live very shortly there will be an option for VIDEO OPS alongside AUTOGRAPHS and PHOTO OPS. We will be adding guests to the video op category as we get confirmations of opt-ins.
Proper professional video studio set up.
Recorded at the event in a front of a professional backdrop.
Great way for fans and guests to connect beyond the event.
Perfect gift for many occasions.
Can be downloaded, shared and watched forever.
Pick the guest from our video promo list.
Not all guests will have opted in for video shoots so you can only purchase the ones there. We might be able to add more over time but we’ll update you when that happens.
ALL Video Shoots can only be purchased IN ADVANCE of the event.
Video Shoots to take place after the Photo Shoot scheduling for each guest.
A Crew Member will explain the rules again before you enter the video studio room.
There will be a Crew Member in the video studio room with a clapper in front of the camera.
After a few seconds the clapper goes down. “Action” – your video shoot begins!
Could say hello to family or friends or wish them a happy birthday or other celebration.
There will be lines from the guest film/TV shows on a board next to the camera so you can speak some with your chosen guest!
You can act out a short scene with your chosen guest!
You can do anything the guest agrees to aside from commercial endorsements or business requests. This is personal use only.
No interviews or questions to the guest.
No company or business endorsements.
No personal endorsements.
No personalised messages in a 1-1 video.
Personalised messages should be ordered separately.
These can be ordered even if you are not attending the event and will be available in the same way as the live video ops above!
Same price as Video Shoots.
Guest by themselves reading a custom message.
NO business or personal endorsements, just greetings and occasion announcements.
For example, for gifts, birthdays, Christmas, weddings etc.
No company endorsements of promotion of business or personal products.
Up to 50 words for the guest to read out.
We’ll update you on the pre-order website shortly.

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