Cult favourite Valerie Leon headed to the Isle of Wight!

valerie leon promo 4
Cult favourite and 70’s pin up VALERIE LEON will be a guest at Island Con in October! 😁😍
Valerie is known among horror fans as taking the lead role in HAMMER’S ‘BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY’S TOMB’ in 1971.
She is one of the only actresses to be a ‘Bond Girl’ TWICE in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME with Roger Moore and NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN with Sean Connery.
Her appearances in SIX ‘CARRY ON’ films, REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER and the face and body of the HAI KARATE aftershave commercials, Valerie Leon cemented her position as one of the 1970’s premier pin up girls.
And it didn’t end there, Valerie had appearances many TV shows including THE SAINT, RANDALL AND HOPKIRK, UP POMPEII!, THE AVENGERS, SPACE: 1999, THE PERSUADERS and more.

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