Proud to present ISLAND CON INDIES

Now that’s not some offshoot of Desert Island Discs but a promise to provide a platform for independent film & TV stars.

In 2017, the Isle of Wight Comic Con played host to first time convention appearances of Billy Mansell, Juke Hardy, Steve Doyle and Scott James (Collectively known as the Alien Covenant Engineers).  It was the energy and passion for their work that put them in front of the public.


Now you might not had heard of them and we would not expect you to know their work but with some of them having appearances Phillip K Dick’s Electric Dreams, Wonder Woman and the BBC’s McMafia their profiles are most certainly being raised and their work ethic continues upward to greater things.

So why appear at a convention before being a known name? For a lot of people, it’s not about being somebody you know, it’s about interacting with fans in a face-to-face environment and talking about passions close to their heart and at  the same time raising the profile of independent actors. When we surprised Juke, Billy, Steve and Scott with their own Q&A panel their excitement was – for want a better word – enlightening!

alien cevc

Steve Doyle, Juke Hardy, Billy Mansell & Scott James from Alien: Covenant (2017)

ISLAND CON INDIES is a new project from us to give a platform to up-and-coming actors and actresses, independent film makers, first time convention appearances and those who we feel deserve a platform to take their profile further.

Some of those who we will announce over the coming months you will not have heard of but their passion for the industry will be obvious and they all will be great guests to talk to, learn from, get advice from and grow with.


Tom Hardy in The Flood (2007)

So before you say “Who?” just remember that independent film and indie actors are where stars are born and careers are nurtured. If we had run the show in 2007 and announced an actor called Tom Hardy who was in a new TV mini-series called THE FLOOD who had previously one notable role to his name, you might have said “Who?” but just look what can happen! That £10 autograph you got a decade earlier would be worth nigh on ten times that now.

When we announce an Island Con Indie guest we’ll let you know of it, anyone else will be announced normally. If we have a major guest to announce we’ll definitely let you know!!

We’re proud to be offering the ISLAND CON INDIES platform to the new generation and we hope that you can support all of our guests, small and big. Speaking of big, there’s some massive names in the comic book world AND the film world to come over the following months.


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