New Predator (2018) image released

And we’re pretty underwhelmed by the whole casting choice really. It looks more like a kidnapping of Georgie from IT!

That’s not to say that mostly unknown casts are incredibly successful, the recent IT (2017) was a massive success dare I say on the strength of its unknown cast. We’ll always give all kinds of films a chance but we’re worried about this one.


Predator 1 & 2 were an 80’s and 1990 uber-violent sci-fi actioners that pleased many at the time. In hindsight they should have brought Arnold Schwarzenegger back for a final trilogy-completing flick in the mid-late 90’s. That they didn’t make a third now sees the films caught up in all manner of franchising from money-making Hollywood execs who don’t care at all about what we took away from the original two films.

AVP and AVPR (that’s the Alien vs. Predator series for those uninitiated) barely survived a critical and box office bashing even to this day.


Predators (2010) went someway to adding to the original two films but simmered rather than sparked and had us all left hoping for what could have been. Even THAT cast looked like they had more chance of taking on a predator than the new cast.

Predator (2018) might be an outstanding film but that cast shot looks more like a kidnapping of Georgie from IT (2017) rather than rivals to the Predator. Also, can’t these producers come up with something more original that Predators or Predator or Predator 3?

Maybe it’s time to leave some films as part of history, the 80’s and early 90’s classics we all love maybe can’t be remade or rebooted. FFS, maybe do something, I don’t know – original?

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