MEGA NERD/comedian/actor/pretty good singer DES O’GORMAN is back to the stage at Isle Of Wight Comic Con to co-host the panels and the cosplay contests.

des o'gorman island con 2018 promo 23

Des has been hosting several conventions all over the UK since starting in 2015 and he has become a bit of a fan favourite. Funny, relaxed and full of energy, Des is proving to be the go-to name for panel hosting.

“I’m so happy to be back at the Isle of Wight. Last year was a huge success and to be coming back with Alex as my co-host and with some truly amazing guests TBA is just amazing. Let’s make 2018 con even bigger and better then before.”

Des will be at the event all weekend and will also be selling signed cosplay photos at the event. We will also remember to feed him this time because he’s going to need all the energy he can muster! Unless we find another Manu Bennet – who let’s face it – pretty much hosted his own panel!

Written by Ben E Belton

The Barbarian! Lover of Drew Barrymore, hater of penguins. Sometimes an event producer & creative director. "Living and dying, we feed the fire."

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