Make 2018 the year of KINGA PAINE

Since 2013, Kinga Paine has been unleashing stories of darkness and madness upon the world and now Kinga has joined THE ALLIANCE!

Kinga Paine Promo 1

I couldn’t be happy as Future Gothic Publishing and subsequently Future Gothic Entertainment are owned by Alliance Conventions and on a personal note, I am the editor and some time co-author on Kinga’s work and this is a great coup for the company! Read Kinga’s bio below.

Kinga Paine is depraved, vile and verging on the inhumane but there is an awe-inspiring dark essence to her work that will keep you searching her out over and over again – you’ll find no clichés here.

Kinga Paine promo 2

A blood-dripping author who is at the forefront of the revival of extreme horror. You’ll always find something fresh from Paine.

You will discover stories of demons and darkness, killers and murderers, cults and the occult, and those little tales of evil that slip from the shadows before you turn in for the night…

Two new full length books, OUIJA: THE BOARD WARS and THE HIKE are out over the course of 2018. The new film production of SKYLINED is based on Kinga’s NX3: SUB NATION and SKYLINED stories!

Welcome to the Madness – Welcome to the world of Kinga Paine.


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