SKYLINED film gets green light!

Our very own Future Gothic Entertainment’s Skylined movie project gets the go ahead for production some time in 2018!!

askylined profile pic logo

NX3 moves to the second draft running title of SKYLINED. It uses the entire concept of Kinga Paine’s NX3 hidden cult and also pulls a majority of another short story from Kinga’s back catalogue called THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE FLYING CREATURES.

This film is about the notion that we do become stars in the night sky when we die (SKYLINED) and thus whatever is done in life is of no consequence to the universe. This concept leads one person to develop a cult (NX3-National Exiles) based on their darkest desires and intentions.

However, merely walking with the darkness is never the same as losing oneself in it.

It is a story of a human journey in a hidden world of blood cults, occult practices and a sub-nation on the verge of a dark revolution.



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