Three Men and a Little Lady SEQUEL?

Childhood memory gets 5.3 on IMDB! Get out of it! Even Leonard Nimoy’s original gets 5.9. That’s right – SPOCK directed Three Men and a Baby!


I want a sequel but not even sure a film like this can be made nowadays in the age of unrighteousness. Okay, I probably don’t really want a sequel as this is more of a nostalgia trip with the films I’ve been consuming recently.

Although, Mary (Robin Weisman) no longer acts. She now works as a Marketing Consultant in Florida after quitting film at the age of TEN after Hulk Hogan’s Thunder in Paradise. Hulk Hogan must have put her off acting for life!!!


Robin Weisman moved on from Hollywood very quickly.

The English actor Christopher Cazenove who played Edward died in 2010 which is a damn shame as that went under the radar and he was a fine acto. The main cast would definitely come back for a sequel and even spoken about it in 2013.

The sequel has been touted around for years and if you don’t think it’s going to happen there’s even actresses putting themselves forward for the role of Mary. Jessica Radloff, we’re looking at you here.

And why the Three Men films have never been a source of internet memes is beyond me, the material is ideal.

Three Men and a Bride (2019)


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