South Coast Apes Cosplay at Island Con 2018!

Those damn dirty apes have a found a way to the island in 2018!

South Coast Apes Promo 2

The SOUTH COAST APES will be causing mischief at Island Con 2018 so keep an eye out for them!

Which leads nicely in to our next Island Con zone – the COSPLAY ZONE!! – all guests and attractions will be added in the build up.

Cosplay has a massive fan-base on the Isle of Wight and we cannot wait to see what is on show in 2018. The previous event really raised the profile of island cosplayers and we couldn’t be happier in putting on a fully fledged cosplay area within the event.

We are thrilled to be working with Newport’s Master of Disguise who will look after most of the cosplay zone. They are also supplying the amazing prizes for the cosplay fashion show so do follow them and see what surprises they have in store

In the build up to 2018 we will be announcing cosplay guests, cosplay groups and cosplay events to be listed here and on the website!

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