Dino Zone premieres at Island Con 2018!


With the new JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM film released in the Summer of 2018 and with the Isle of Wight being one of the richest dinosaur areas in Europe, we are proud to present the Island Con DINO ZONE!!

We’re hitting you with a ton of Dino Zone announcements in this post with more TBA in the build up to Island Con 2018!

It will include a FULL DINOSAUR DISPLAY with loads of elements including two large INTERACTIVE DINOSAUR ATTRACTIONS! There will be BABY DINOSAURS on show with a FULL FOSSIL DISPLAY and real-life dinosaur handlers and RANGERS! 😉

Dino Zone will also be host to drop-in WORKSHOPS and some PUBLIC TALKS from the rangers throughout the weekend and even a VIRTUAL REALITY dinosaur experience! Time to get your dino on!! Updates to this zone and new attractions TBA in the build up to 2018!


We will also have a surprise from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to announce closer to the release of the film!

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