Connor Trinneer lands at Island Con 2018

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT for Island Con 2018

Pretty thrilled to be welcoming American TV & film actor CONNOR TRINNEER to the Isle of Wight in 2018!

Connor is confirmed to appear for both days at Island Con 2018. He is known as one of the main cast members on STAR TREK ENTERPRISE as Commander Charles ‘Trip’ Tucker III.

Soon after, he guest-starred as Michael Kenmore in recurring seasons of STARGATE ATLANTIS!!

Connor Trinneer returns to the Stargate world as Professor Langford, a main cast member in the NEW and as yet unreleased STARGATE ORIGINS which is a prequel series to the original movie!!

Other TV and film roles include parts in TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, SLIDERS, 24, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and the recent AMERICAN MADE with Tom Cruise.

Connor even made a small appearance in SUITS alongside MEGHAN MARKLE – just thought we’d throw that in there!!

***Please be aware that guests can cancel at any time for any reason, all guests are confirmed to appear at the time of listing.***

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