MR BEAUJANGLES will be trading at Brighton Beach Comic Con this coming April.

From his own words: “I am a self-taught silver smith living in the UK (Brighton). My Jewellery career began one boring summer in 2002, when my wife and two daughters had left the heat of Dubai for the relative cool (or rain) of the UK.

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The following week, when I joined my family in the UK I asked around and found that there was a great shop in Brighton selling everything I need to do some basic silver work. I bought a few tools, (borrowed a few from my Dad), and was ready to go.

When I go back to Dubai I set myself up on the kitchen table and started to play. It wasn’t long before I had made a pair of silver spiral earrings and from that point on there was no stopping me. I bought up every book I could find in Dubai (and on Amazon) that I thought would help me, and slowly I began to improve. My designs became more complicated, I moved from earrings to rings to cufflinks, even to silver stands for hand painted Ostrich eggs! I was up for anything.

I eventually found out my cufflinks had been featured on a popular geek blog, (Boing Boing) and were an instant hit. I have continued to follow the geek route, and love receiving new nerdy requests.

I now have a full workshop in Brighton where I produce every design myself from working on the initial idea, making the original piece, making the mould, casting it, soldering to the final polish, it’s all done by me, so if you have any questions or commission ideas please contact me, and I will be more than happy to help if I can.”

Written by Ben E Belton

The Barbarian! Lover of Drew Barrymore, hater of penguins. Sometimes an event producer & creative director. "Living and dying, we feed the fire."

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