Alister Pearson is first comic book guest for Island Con 2018

Really happy to welcome ALISTER PEARSON as our first COMICS & ART GUEST for Island Con 2018!! 😃😁

Alister Pearson Island Con promo

Born on the Isle of Wight, Alister Pearson created the covers for a large number of science fiction works including twenty-two out of thirty-three covers of the Virgin Missing Adventures, a series of Doctor Who spin-off novels and the covers for sixteen VHS releases of Doctor Who serials.

Pearson’s first two published pieces were actually among the many fan artwork illustrations which appeared in The Key to Time, a day-by-day history of the original series published to commemorate its twenty-first anniversary in 1985.

Pearson’s first commissioned Doctor Who-related work were cover illustrations for Doctor Who Magazine. He next created the cover for the Target novelisation of The Underwater Menace. He later worked on several covers for the Missing Adventures published by Virgin in the 1990s. Most recently, he designed the cover for the Doctor Who Annual 2010.

Pearson is known for inserting initials into his artwork; his own (“AP” or “AJP”) as well as those of his friends and colleagues in fandom.

A massive guest list is being built for comics, art, film & TV for the 2018 show and we cannot wait to share them all with you!

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