Alex Watts to return to the Island Con Q&A stage!

Back again to host a bigger, better panel stage in 2018 is your host – ALEX WATTS!! 😘

Alex Watts Host

The Isle of Wight local comedian and internationally wandering YouTube producer returns to Island Con after a year spent on several projects.

The man who once ran for Isle of Wight MP JUST to annoy a heckler will spend 2018 producing a documentary about the philosophy behind the religion of Jediism, hosting panels at VidCon in California, speaking at several YouTube Space’s and performing a speaking tour with his long-time collaborator Daniel Jones as they talk comedy, ADHD & Autism and music.

Alex asked us to say:

‘Of course I’ll come back, man! If you could let folks know that I’ll be doing regular con related content (CONtent?!) on my page all year, that would be swell!’

But mostly – we all wish we could jump that high 🤣

Follow Alex here – Alex Watts Blog

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