NATHAN PEGLER of NJP-PASTEL-ART is a professional artist and illustrator who will be joining us at Brighton Beach Comic Con.


Just over 3 years ago NJP Pastel Art was formed and is going from strength to strength. Nathan is diversifying between his passion for pastels to producing his own prints, gifts and recently introducing a whole new range of work in black ink!

His pastel Star Wars, Dr Who and Star Trek inspired fan art now sits against his new range in black ink with subjects including Tim Burtons Nightmare Before Christmas and Star Wars Bantha skulls!

Nathan has also recently started running art workshops from his new studio and giving business talks on how his business came about. He is also available for commissions so follow the links below and find out more!

NJP Pastel Art

Brighton Beach Comic Con UK

Written by Ben E Belton

The Barbarian! Lover of Drew Barrymore, hater of penguins. Sometimes an event producer & creative director. "Living and dying, we feed the fire."

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