To kick-start proceedings we’re really happy to announce that actor CLEM SO is our first guest at the Brighton Beach Comic Con 2018!!! 😀

Brighton comic con 2018

Having initially began working as a background actor on Keanu Reeve’s Japanese historic fantasy film 47 RONIN in 2011, Clem has gone on to build invaluable experience in the film industry with work on STAR WARS 7, SPECTRE, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and JUPITER ASCENDING!

Clem has become a featured and in demand face, having worked on close to 30 major feature films to date and numerous TV shows including SHERLOCK, BEING HUMAN and TEN episodes of DOCTOR WHO, notably as the Mandarin Clockwork Droid in Peter Capaldi’s first episode as the Doctor in Deep Breath and more recently as a Space Corpse in series 10, Oxygen.

Other appearances include a Kyln prisoner in Marvel’s hit GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, a Spectre crime boss in JAMES BOND SPECTRE, a resistance trooper in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS and more recently in the highly regarded Marvel Studios blockbuster DOCTOR STRANGE as one of the protectors of the Hong Kong Sanctum and a animus patient in ASSASSIN’S CREED.

We’ve got loads to announce here at the BBCC 😉 and we’ll bring you our first international guest announcement on Friday night!!!! Stay tuned, keep sharing, let’s build this together!

Written by Ben E Belton

The Barbarian! Lover of Drew Barrymore, hater of penguins. Sometimes an event producer & creative director. "Living and dying, we feed the fire."

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